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Accounting & Tax Services

As trusted CPAs, we are committed to helping individuals and businesses stay informed. We know simply reporting on your financial past is not enough—we take the time to interpret the information and explore innovative ways to help maximize profitability and growth for our clients.

Accounting & Tax

Financial Planning

As independent financial advisors, we focus on goal-oriented planning for various stages of life. Our extensive tax and business background enables us to view your financial goals in a broader scope to advise you on the appropriate investment opportunities to help increase your potential return.

Financial Planning


Since 1984, WeberMessick’s team of CPA’s and financial advisors has offered investment, tax and accounting services to clients in Maryland, Delaware and around the country. Through hard work and an unwavering “client first” philosophy we have consistently helped our clients achieve success, and would welcome the opportunity to add you to our list of clients served.

Why Choose WeberMessick

We offer professional advice and personal support. WeberMessick offers a full range of accounting, tax and financial services options designed to meet the needs of your business. So not only can we help with your tax returns, but with longer term tax planning, business planning, networking, and even personal tax planning, we can help you achieve your goals.


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