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Our Process

We start with your goals in mind. As independent financial advisors, we have one agenda- yours. Integrating our tax expertise with a balanced approach allows us to view your finances in a much broader scope. Our comprehensive and holistic wealth management can help you effectively execute your estate planning, investment management, financial planning, risk management and tax planning needs.


GOAL SETTING: Clarify what is important in your financial life

ASSET ALLOCATION: Proper portfolio allocation and periodic rebalancing based on your individual risk profile

RISK MANAGEMENT: Insurance planning and solutions

RETIREMENT PLANNING: Proper distribution planning and evaluation the right time for retirement

SOCIAL SECURITY: Help you decide when to take social security for lifetime income maximization

TAX PLANNING: Minimize taxes through the myriad of financial decisions, including tax preparation

ESTATE PLANNING: Proper estate preservation and distribution according to you wants and needs


FOCUSED MEETUP: Standard meetings to update or review your financial life

ONGOING ACCESS: 24/7 access to your financial information

FINANCIAL MODELS: Periodic update of your financial pie

REBALANCING: Periodic rebalancing based on market conditions, life changes or risk tolerance

NEXT GENERATION DISCUSSION: Coordinate discussions about the proper time and tone of discussing your money with your family


OTHER ADVISORS: Work with other advisors, such as attorneys and bankers to minimize friction in pursuing your goals

BUSINESS PLANNING: Assist with ways to transition business obligations and implement business succession plans

REASSURANCE: Reminder of long-term goals and historical perspective

OPPORTUNITIES: Sounding board for business opportunities